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Wild Flower Current

Mary Shindell (Phoenix, AZ) has completed public art projects throughout the Valley and has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the country. In her work, Shindell responds to and depicts the environment she calls home—the Sonoran Desert which has defined her as an artist and as an individual.


Wild Flower Current examines the ways we experience flowers as desert dwellers. Irrigation makes it possible to grow non-native plants and trees such as citrus, the blooms of which announce the coming of spring.  Winter rain transforms the palette of the earth-toned Sonoran Desert into vibrant wildflower hues. Flowers enliven our living spaces and bring the desert to the table in surprising culinary applications.


Look for Wild Flower Current along the canal paths on both banks between the Soleri and Marshall Way bridges. Over 250 illuminated flowerpots and 8 illuminated cactus column sculptures featuring digitally drawn imagery of flowers come to fiber optic and LED life at night during Canal Convergence | Spring Equinox only.

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