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Aether & Hemera get their name from the ancient Greek god and goddess of light. Aether is Claudio Benghi, a new media architect, and Hemera is Gloria Ronchi, a lighting artist. They combine light and digital technology with physical space in an effort to provoke memories and elicit feelings and connection through audience participation in their work.


Previously displayed at Canary Warf in London, Voyage is a flotilla of “paper” boats each encasing colored LED lights. These lights are programmed for showing light effects, such as geometric patterns, waves of color, and vibrant rainbows.


Viewers are encouraged to engage with the artwork by using their mobile phones to impact the behavior of the lights.


Creating an unexpected and unusual addition to the landscape, Voyage inspires the viewers to think creatively about the spaces around them—the dynamic colored light patterns of the artwork invite the viewer to make a smooth transition between reality and daydream.

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