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The People’s Flag of Arizona

Flowers+plywood+paint+multiple cameras+Tex & Dominique+YOU=The People’s Flag of Arizona! Become a part of this installation and its resulting optical illusion. Stand, jump, and strike a pose in the middle of the Arizona flag to be photographed by Jernigan and Karowski, who make the images available to download and share. You are welcome to take own shots too.


Tex Jernigan is an artist, designer, coder, and photographer whose participatory artworks are performed all over the United States. He believes in the power of the individual, and his artworks celebrate contrasting notions of individuality and community using forced-perspective installations and sculptures as well as the innovative use of illusion and gif photography.


The first work in the People's Flag series was a winter art installation portraying the Japanese flag. These installations use fixed-perspective illusion and are constructed with both handmade materials as well as the natural tones of the landscape to create the shapes and colors of state flags around the world.

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