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Artist Jake Early designs, illustrates, and prints his serigraphs by hand on equipment he designed and built to reproduce original, limited edition prints. Though silk-screening is technically demanding of the printer and the artist, Early is dedicated to doing everything himself so that each piece has an intimacy. Each color printed requires a separate screen and the difficulty of registering one color to the next multiplies as each is added.


For this installation, Early created seven original silkscreen prints that merge manhole cover design and desert bird imagery to create bold, graphic patterned wallpaper and lighting shades, which encompass the Bell Tower and beyond. Using over 700 prints, the combinations create a dramatic and modern presentation, powerful from a distance but full of intimate detail as you approach more closely. Each of the desert birds represented in the prints chirp in the background creating a subtle ambience of sound. Pride of place is a continual thread in his work and he prods the viewer to investigation through curiosity about the specific birds depicted and though the use of an unfamiliar but familiar phrase like Vaṣai S-vaṣonĭ.  Since moving to Arizona, Early has enjoyed the natural beauty of the desert and finding places that give a large urban area that special feel.


Jake Early is a graduate of the graphic design program at the University of California, Chico. He also studied at the School of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain. Along with his work as a printmaker, Early is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator for clients across the U.S., as well as in Japan and Europe.

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