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Message in a Boat

We all spend our lives getting from here to there, and there to here. In traveling the distance between two places––between two points, two moments, and two breaths––we create our stories. It is in this distance that we dream, we celebrate, we mourn, we share, we laugh, we love, we gain, we lose, and we live.


A Message in a Boat is the opportunity to share your story and your dreams for future stories. Type, draw, scribble, scratch or scrawl anything on a piece of cotton rag that will be folded into a boat. Each messaged paper boat will be placed into the hull of a seaworthy vessel and sailed across the lake, river, ocean, Artic at a future date.


Local artist Erin V. Sotak’s work is conceived as a means to engage the community in social practices and illustrate that art in the public sphere is not simply a fabricated object but a moment, an experience. 

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