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Los Trompos

Scottsdale Public Art activates outdoor public spaces throughout Scottsdale with the temporary fall installation, Los Trompos: 10 brightly colored, interactive “spinning-top” sculptures created by award-winning Mexican artists and designers Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.  Los Trompos has been taken into the City of Scottsdale's Public Art Collection and will be on view throughout the City of Scottsdale.  They are currently on display at Scottsdale Quarter and Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza.

Functioning as both artwork and rotating seating spaces, each sculpture acts as a gathering place for relaxation, social interaction and entertainment. The public can engage with the Los Trompos sculptures at various locations across Scottsdale’s downtown, and as time progresses, the sculptures will travel to different locations around the city and eventually join together at the Scottsdale Waterfront for Canal Convergence 2018.  

Esrawe and Cadena, two of the leading designers in Mexico today, found their inspiration for Los Trompos in the form of a spinning top, a toy popular with children around the world. The colorful material used to create each “top” is made from fabric woven in a traditional style by Mexican artisans. The fabric is stretched over the “spinning-top” structures to seat several people at once. By working together, visitors can spin the tops on their bases to add motion to their interaction with the structures.


Information about the artists:

Esrawe is the founder of the cross-disciplinary design firm Esrawe Studio that develops furniture and interior design solutions for commercial spaces. He is inspired by traditional Latin American design, architecture and folk art, and his works are playful, sometimes humorous, and organic. Cadena is owner and creative director of CADENA+ASOC. CONCEPT DESIGN, which combines art and science using painting, graphic design, photography, sculpture, video, marketing, architecture and industrial design to generate award-winning works. Esrawe and Cadena brought their design firms together more than six years ago to form E + C, and through their collaboration of style and engineering, created Los Trompos.



Poem by Eloisa Amezcua for Four Chambers Press Poetry Reading at Canal Convergence:




como el pájaro azul

a girl less than half my age

warbles in a pitch barely audible

to those who do not listen  

as she spins, is spun 

on a life-size spinning-top

in the center of the plaza

azul como la piedra preciosa

the strips of fabric interweave

into a color I do not know

the name of as those willing

to take a spin nestle

into the entwinement

azul azul es el mar

and you, love, are an ocean

of land away from me

a country of which I know little

except the 3,000 miles

we drove on hot days to find

a new home and did you know

there are 4,068,000 miles of roads

we have yet to drive together

I told myself this would not

turn into a love poem

but I spin, am spun

para ti mi canción es azul

I watch the children

as they spin, are spun

in this space that is usually

empty and my need to fill

everything uninhabited

with something of beauty

or purpose, or are those not

the same thing anymore

these children play

careless to everything around them  

would it be fair to have one

of my own or rather of our own

who do these children belong to

or why do some think they do not belong

in this ocean of land we have created

or allowed to exist as if we had been

asleep for the past 238 years

or centuries even

azul azul como el cielo

the color of the ocean

is only the sky’s reflection

and these children throw back

their heads in laughter

as they spin, are spun

and they do not absorb

the walls we are building

to keep others out or to keep

ourselves in—it makes no difference

the day’s light has faded

into someone else’s tomorrow

adiós azul azul

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