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Golden Waters

Since its construction in 2006, Scottsdale Public Art has worked closely with city departments as well as private developers to commission original works of temporary and permanent art, in addition to providing free community events at the Scottsdale Waterfront. In an effort to activate the canal channel periodically throughout the year, Scottsdale Public Art is pleased to present Golden Waters, a temporary art installation from international artist Grimanesa Amoros available for viewing Summer, 2015.


Inspired by and reflecting the natural elegance of Arizona’s canals, Golden Waters is to be mounted on a secure structure attached to the Soleri Bridge, located just southwest of the intersection of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads. The light sculpture extends parallel to the canal channel 80 feet west of the Soleri Bridge. Its sculpted LED tubes appear to rise from the canal waters below, celebrating the union of light and water.


The light-based installation of Golden Waters was completed in mid-June and remain on view nightly from 6:15 to 11:30 during the Summer. A special event with Golden Waters artist Grimanesa Amorós takes place at Hotel Valley Ho, June 18th. Click here for details. 


About Grimanesa Amorós


Grimanesa Amorós was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in New York City. She is a multidisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory, which have greatly influenced her work.


Amorós researches the locations, histories and communities of the installation sites. Her process remains organic and instinctive. This intuitive relationship to technology is a distinctive feature of Amorós’ practice. Her works incorporates elements from sculpture, video, lighting, and technology to create site-specific installations to engage architecture and create community.


Grimanesa Amorós has often drawn upon important Peruvian cultural legacies for inspiration for her large-scale light- based installations, which she has presented around the globe from Mexico, Tel Aviv and Beijing to New York’s Times Square. She continues to be inspired from Peru’s history for her art but she does not hold an essentialist or nostalgic view of her subject. She often gives talks at museums and universities where her lectures not only attract future artists but students and faculty engaged with science and technology. It feels somewhere in the art of Grimanesa Amorós, the past is meeting the future. Amorós has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


More about Grimanesa Amorós.

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