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Desert Barnacles

Now thriving in a body of water that exists only due to human mistake, barnacles found within a once dry ancient lake bed find themselves, like many who call the desert their home, to be transplants, migrants, foreigners. The Salton Sea was a WWII military training facility in southeastern California where the US Navy submerged vessels from the ocean covered with these clinging creatures, built a base, and utilized the oasis at hand. The unusual chemistry of the water allowed these creatures to flourish, growing in the most unlikely place.  Thus began the life of the desert barnacle.


William LeGoullon was raised in the Phoenix area and has developed a personal obsession with the transformative quality of the desert. His belief that while we shape this land, nature continues to co-sculpt alongside us, drives his vision as a photographer. Legoullon received an Emerging Artist Grant from the Contemporary Forum of Phoenix Art Museum in 2011. He has a BFA from Arizona State University, exhibits his work locally and nationally, teaches at Phoenix College, and works as a commercial photographer. 

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