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Thousands of feet of solution-dyed acrylic braid wrap and weave the bell tower’s interior and exterior architecture, generating a three dimensional web of color. As an empty volume the bell tower is a dramatic container. It could be understood as a kind of cabinet to showcase precious things. With Entanglement, Randy Walker asks “What if the boundary of the container and the contained is blurred?”  


At night, the web appears more dense as the ground lights shine up through the fibers, casting shadows on the ceiling. Each step of the installation, occurring over several days and open for public viewing, added layer upon layer of weaving. Walker has found fiber to be highly effective in making connections. By connecting space in this exploratory way, he exposes new dimensions in existing structures and space.


Randy Walker (Minneapolis, Minnesota) received a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Oregon in 1994. Beginning in 2005, he began a body of permanent and temporary artworks that engage objects and spaces in a way that is revelatory of underlying structure. In 2012, his artwork Passage was recognized by the Public Art Network ‘s Year in Review and was featured on the cover of Arts Link magazine, an American for the Arts publication. 


At the request of the artist, the solution-dyed acrylic braid used in this installation was donated to two local non profit arts organizations following de-installation for use in future art projects throughout the Valley. The Art Resource Center and the education department of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts were both pleased to receive these materials.

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