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Billboard Mindscape

How do you connect with your environment? Artist Edina “Mosstika” Tokodi challenges you to consider this link by presenting her artwork as a symbolic representation of contrasting urban and rural environments.


Billboard Mindscape is a mixed-media installation that takes its inspiration from the dualistic nature of the Arizona landscape to create an urban collage. Edina has incorporated local plant life such as succulents and other natural materials with graphic elements to create a living billboard installation. By merging these two visual components, Billboard Mindscape dissolves the barriers between private and public space, organic and inorganic elements of the urban landscape, and between
nature and art.


Billboard Mindscape was commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art for Canal Convergence 2016, and was sponsored in part by the Scottsdale League for the Arts. After Canal Convergence, this artwork was relocated to the Bell Tower at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, and will be on view throughout 2016.

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