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Birdie Umwelt

Mary Lucking's work ranges from large-scale permanent artworks to temporary interactive installations.  She has incorporated art into urban and rural walking paths, bike trails, public transit stations, college campuses and neighborhood parks.  Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, in Architecture from Welesley College and a Master of Fine Arts in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Mary currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.  


Mary Lucking says, "When I first visited the Mustang Transit Center site, I was struck by the number of birds that made their homes around the library. Thinking about the differences in the way we humans and birds use and perceive spaces, I wondered what books in the nearby Mustang Library these creatures might find most compelling."


The works titled Curiosities is an interpretation of this idea.  It is made of up ten bronze and stainless steel sculptures of house finches reading different books.  There is a bird house added up high that mimics the postmodern architecture of the library that connects the east side bus shelter and the library.  Throughout the pathways are images of birds, feathers and lettering sandblasted into the pavement, mimicing shadows of a flying bird over head.

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