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Mustang Transit Improvements

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions for books birds would want to read for this project! We received over 100 creative, imaginative ideas. Stay tuned to find out which titles were chosen!

Project Background


The City of Scottsdale is currently designing several transportation improvements along the 90th Street corridor between Shea Boulevard and Mountain View Road. 

The proposed improvements include new transit amenities, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, public art, a new signal, and a modern roundabout.  Upon completion, the project will connect three existing bus routes and one future route, as well as provide convenient, comfortable access for all travel modes to Mustang Library, Scottsdale Healthcare, and other nearby retail and commercial centers.



From the Artist


We thrive when people get out of their houses and cars meet each other. I believe in projects like parks, paths, and mass transit, which encourage people to spend time outside. They are the projects that I seek out, because they are what will make our communities strong. My favorite projects are those like Mustang Transit Improvements that have connections to the past, to histories in the architecture and in the residents’ memories that can be incorporated into artworks, carrying that past forward.

I come to every project with an open mind, working with the community and design team to create a piece that responds to the unique qualities of the place. Many of my projects have included significant public participation, which ranges from involving schoolchildren in the design process, to responding to neighborhood feedback, to designing interactive artworks, to deep research into a place’s history and character. With over fifteen years and 25 public art projects completed, I bring a wide variety of experience to my work.



Approved Concept in Development


On September 28, 2013 the artist and public art staff sought Mustang library patrons’ and area residents’ input on their perspectives and experiences at the library and its surroundings.  At the central entrance of Mustang Library, there were board displays of the artist’s past work and surveys which served as a jumping off point for conversations. The stories and impressions helped shape the creative direction for the artwork.

The artist presented her preliminary concept at two public meetings on April 10, 2014 which centers on specific features of the site. Many species of birds flock to and congregate in front of Scottsdale’s Mustang Library. If invited inside, what would they read? The new artwork proposed asks this though provoking question, engaging the imagination and identifying and connecting the new transportation amenities with its library location. Anticipated are several connecting components: 1) Bird Library - A bird house size library that reflects the unique architecture of Mustang marks the staircase that connects the east side bus shelter and the library; 2) Avian Literature - Bronze birds peer closely at stainless steel books, each with a different narrative that would be of special interest to feathered creatures. These exotic readers and pages, in turn, will engage both the transit and library users, perhaps providing a connection not thought of before or an interesting fact.  The artist will solicit ideas from library patrons for the content of the bird reading material; 3) Bird Shadows - Shadows of flying birds sandblasted into the pavement will connect the improved path from the greenbelt to the library and bus shelters; and 4) Greenbelt Node - Large graphics starting in the turn off from the greenbelt direct users to the library and the transit shelters.


The Scottsdale Public Art Advisory Board unanimously approved the artist’s concept on May 14, 2014. During June and July, the artist sought library patrons’ and community members’ imaginative ideas on what a bird would read. Fun suggestion boxes were set up at Mustang Library itself and online surveys were posted on both the Library and Public Art websites. Hundreds of suggestions came in.


Fall 2016 - Sandblasting of the flying bird shadows is currently underway for the path from the greenbelt to Mustang Library. Remaining artistic enhancements are to be completed in the second phase.


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