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Pink and Blue Dilemma: The Foam Incident

A clever play on the necessity of work to humanity, Pink and Blue Dilemma: The Foam Incident by Scott Pennington is a participatory performance inviting the viewer to play with faux industrial waste (non-toxic, water-based soap) as Pennington's pink and blue-clad 'technicians' attempt to contain it.

Thirty minute long foam incidents occur five times a day throughout the festival.

Scott Pennington lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. he is a professional woodworker who designs and builds furniture and cabinetry when he isn't creating art installations and performances. Pink and Blue Dilemma: The Foam Incident appeared originally in July 2010 at Artscape Baltimore, America's largest free arts festival.

This project is presented by Scottsdale Public Art in collaboration with the Scottsdale Arts Festival. 

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