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Natural Dye Workshop 3

Through a series of drop-in workshops, Erika Hanson will explore a variety of natural dyes.  She will lead a discussion on where the dye material comes from, how to process it to make it into dye, and the different results of each dye.  Her workshop will leave you with a better understanding of what it means to work with colors that come directly from nature.


This week's materials consist of onion skin and coffee grounds.


This event is FREE and open to the public. Please RSVP below.  You may still show up if you haven't RSVP'd, this just gives us a sense of how many people will be there.


IF you can not make it to this workshop, dates below are for the upcoming workshops with the artist:

Sunday April 29 natural dye workshop: using wood: logwood and osage orange

Sunday May 6 natural dye workshop: using leaves: eucalyptus 

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