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Watch artists at work in the empty canal channel at Scottsdale Waterfront highlighting SRP’s dry-up of the Arizona Canal during the months of January and February 2013 from Scottsdale Road to Arizona Falls for routine checks and repairs not scheduled to occur again for seven years.

The dry-up begins with Fish Round-Up on the morning of Saturday, January 12 when SRP workers enter the partially drained section of canal and herd the white amur fish to be relocated until the water's return. The white amur are placed in our Valley's canals by SRP as a sustainable way to help keep the canals clean. Tucson-based performance group Flam Chen follows the herding with a processional performance featuring stilt acrobats and a percussion ensemble on the canal paths from Soleri Bridge to Marshall Way Bridge.

During the weeks of dry-up, local artists Isaac Caruso and Ashley Macias collaborate on Canal Creatures, sharing their vision of what creatures they imagine might be hiding out in our canals using eco-friendly spray paint to create a large temporary mural on the walls of the dry canal channel in Scottsdale’s Waterfront area.

In preparation for the water's return in early February, San Antonio artist Casey Cooper installs Untitled - Floating Triangles. Dozens of inflated steel triangles representing the strong foundation the canals provide to the Valley, float to the surface as the water returns at the close of the dry-up. 

[All art installations and materials are safe for the environment and will not affect the water or the fish.]

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Watch artists at work in the canal. Canal Creatures is joined by Untitled - Floating Triangles by San Antonio artist Casey Cooper. Cooper’s temporary installation floats to the surface when the water returns at the close of the dry-up on February 4th and remains on view until installations for Canal Convergence | Spring Equinox begin March 11th.

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